Thursday, 30 August 2012


So On Wednesday I Went And Saw Wicked! IT WAS BRILL.

My New Kitten :3

So, On Tuesday I Got A New Kitten! And He Is Very Cheeky. His Name Is Simba. Here A Few Pics (;

                                                     Cute Isnt He, His 8 Weeks Old... <3

Monday, 20 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Moshi Monsters!


I Have Moshi Monsters!!
Add Me, Im: iceice23456

My Camera Shy Moshi Monster! :D

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Closing Ceremony Of The Olympics!! (':

Watching The Closing Ceremony Of The Olympics!! Awww, 16 Thrilling Days! xD

Im Soaked!! -.- .-.

Im Dreachned In Water! My Friend Through A Water Balloon @ Me So I Through One Back And We Had A Water Fight, It Was So Funny, So Now Im SOAKED. -.-
I Love You Alishia<3

My Sexy GF ;')

Love You Pink Pink Pink Girl :* :D

So! The Day Before Yesterday, Me And Pink Pink Pink Girl Was At Meh Msp House Messing Around. So Heres Some Pics. xD 


Good Morning, Im So Tired. *Yawn.* Dad Painting My Room, YYAYYY! <3

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Sorry I Havent Updated Todaii. Went School Uniform Shopping -.- Anywayz, Im Wearing My First Womens Bra! Lol. Oh And A Big Shout Out To Moe Forrah For Getting Us Team GB Another Gold! And In The Final! BOOH-YAHH!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Pizza :P

Im Having Pizza For Dinner<3 NOOMMYYYYY!!
Dont Know If You Can Read Our 'Arguement' But Yeah Me And My Ex BF Had An Arguement And I Just Felt Like Saying; Fuck Off Wanker -.- And He Just Kept Saying Im Jelous. Jelous Of What? I Just Dont Get Dootie, I Dont Even Know I Went Out With Him. I REGRET EVERYTHING. His A Bitch. -.-


This Is Emily, Awesome Gal, Love Her She So Reem (:
Fuck Sake, Nan Told Me To Shut Up!! -.-
xD Yes Its True, Im Going To Do A Video Of me Singing xD


Uhhh...Just Made My Nose Bleed, BLAH!


Moii New Look♥
You Like?♥

Thursday, 9 August 2012

My Party :3

 So Just A Few Mins Ago I Had My Best Party Ever !!<3 Loads Of People Came, Though Most Of Them Didnt Do ANYTHING. But Still Impressive; Anyway Heres Some Pics:



Im So Sick With These Stupid 100,100,100+ ANOYMOUSES!! Fuck Sake. I Think Most Are FAKE. So Stop With The Whole, DRESS UGLY OTHERWISE ANOYMOUS WILL HACK! ANOYMOUS IS BACK AND READY TO HACK! Shes Gone-.- I Havent Been Hacked For Almost A Year! Ive Been Hacked Twice And Thts It. And For Fuck Sake, A Group Of Grown Up Men Hacking A CHILDRENS Website? Thats Seriously Fucked Up! Oh And Them Men Should Grow Up And Get A Fucking Life. -.-


                                           <<      So I Went On Msp And I Saw A New Comp And Looked At Clothes...........And Here They Are!



And Here It Is! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ xD

Im Bk!

Im Back C:
This Is My Cat Milo, He Got Put Down On The 1st Of August. I Miss Him Loads! So Heres A Pic Of Him. <3 :'(

New Arcade On MSP!

So I Went On MSP Yesterday And I Went On Games As Everyone Was Going On About A New Arcade! And It Was True! Heres The Sighn On Games For Arcade.... !!
So I Clicked It To See What Crappy Games They Had. And Here They Are!! <3

Awesome MSP Peoples, SO FAR!

                                                                  Cupcake - xxx ^^

                                                                     Tee♥ ^^
                                                                          Kump ^^
                                                                        ~Magic~ ^^
                                                                         ^ Mia ^ ^^

Theese Are The People On Msp That Are Supportive Friends! TY Guys!

Dear Haters...

Me Being A Totall Dick Head xD

Me This Morning :D

Awesome Character<'3

She Is So Awesome!! Add Her! She Dosent Bite-.-

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Night Night Peoples! Update Tomoz ! xD xx <3

MEANY! -.-!

This Is The Girl Who I Said Was Charming xD Shes Rlly Mean To Low Levels And Unpopulars; Never Fight With Her, I Did In Mall And She Said Some Bad Words... She To Said Some Girl; Go Away, This Is My Mall Bish-.-.... SHES SO NICE (Sarcasum) < However You Spell It ^.^

Charming -.-

Charming... -.-
Some Girl Just Stood On me In Da Mall And I Went 'Moveeee' She Said No! I Said Fine, I Move._. That Bitch! -.-

Shizz In The Mall xD

Me And Becca And More Moviestars In Da Mall Doing STUFF In Da Mall <3

Jess886666 Is Da Bestest!

Shes Been My Friend Since I Started, She Da Best! Add Her; Jess886666
Kump, My MSP Boyfriend, Love Ya Bubz<3

Pizzed Off! -.-

Hello! Pissed Off At The Mo, Partly Coz Im Tired, But People Havent Been Looking At My Blog; Thanks If You Have!! Love Jordan x

Will.I.Am - The Hardest Ever (T.H.E.)

LOVE THIS SONG! Although, MicJagger Ruins It -.-

Jeesus -.-

Jeesus, Peoples These Days -.-

BFF No.1

Bff No.1, karen cool28 (:

What The Fuck?

My Awesome Bf x Love Ya Babbeee <3